Board of Directors

Tamara Wann Wheeler


Vice President, Account Management, One & All

Tamara currently leads the overall strategic direction for Food Banks across the US, overseeing change management initiatives, organic and new revenue growth opportunities, and the development and marketing of new services. She has led integrated marketing efforts for clients such as World Vision US and Canada, Mercy Corps, American Cancer Society, The Nature Conservancy, Lurie Children’s Hospital, and dozens of Human Services organizations across the North America. Tamara finds deep meaning and purpose in helping charities share their unique stories. She’s a patron of the visual and performing arts and delights in culinary experiences of all kinds – especially cheese. Originally a Designer, Tamara realized she preferred influencing strategy and engaging with people more than screens and wanted to work for brands that truly change the world. Tamara is inspired by countless campaigns and enjoys investing in a variety of causes across the philanthropic sector.