What You Can Do


  • Become a monthly donor to the IRC. Giving monthly helps us have a stable and healthy cash flow.

  • Donate a non-cash gift. Your gently used computers, furniture or office equipment may be needed! Email info@ircsgv.org to find out what the greatest needs are and how you can help!

  • Collect school supplies or canned goods through your church, service organization or from friends - the IRC can help you get your goods to immigrant families in need through to agencies like Foothill Unity Center.


  • Offer your skills to a non-profit for 4 or more hours per week. Skilled, consistent, hard working volunteers save non-profits thousands of dollars every year!

  • Translate.  Immigration agencies need translators and interpreters. Are you bilingual? Your skills can be put to work - even from home!

Write. Call. Advocate!

Invite us to speak.

  • We can speak at your service club meeting, church, synagogue or mosque. To book a speaker from the IRC, email jean@ircsgv.org.

  • Host a party and make the IRC the recipient. We can even speak at a barbecue, cocktail party, or social gathering with your friends and neighbors. Plan a fun party and invite us to share the work of the IRC with your guests.

  • Make the IRC the recipient of a Facebook Fundraiser!

Educate yourself - share your life.

  • Cross-check news sources and support reputable journalism.

  • Reserve judgement when reading inflammatory social media and stay focused on courageous, thoughtful action.

  • Read and watch documentaries with your family that foster knowledge, compassion and humanity.

  • Seek to have civil dialogue with others. Listen more than you speak! Offer kindness and love to those with whom you may disagree.

  • Listen to those who have first hand experience, especially immigrants. They are the experts!

  • Expand your personal circle - share your life, your time and your table with immigrant neighbors.

Walk in solidarity.

  • Attend protests, vigils and community meetings. Make your voice heard. Join with others in the community who are serious about making a difference for our immigrant neighbors.

  • Mobilize your service club or faith group to organize and do good work in the community for immigrants.

  • Visit the border. Sometimes there are special opportunities to take medical supplies, food and water to the US/Mexico border. These trips must be taken with reputable agencies such as Border Angels, Al Otro Lado, World Relief, No More Deaths and Mennonite Central Committee. Do not attempt a border trip on your own without agency support.

  • Pray for our country, our immigrant neighbors and for our government leaders.